Interview with Amanda “The Lady Killer” Bell.


By Daniel Clark, follow on Twitter @18DanielClark.

Amanda “The Lady Killer” Bell (born Augsut 3, 1988) is an American mixed martial artist. She competes in the featherweight division. Bell is currently signed to fight for Invicta Fighting Championships. She stands 5 feet 8 inches tall and is 24 years old.

Bell wen 6-1 (win-loss) in her amateur career before making the move to compete professionally. In that time, she became the AAMMA featherweight champion, in which was her last amateur bout. Amanda defeated Jessamyn Duke for the title via TKO at the 2:35 mark of the third round.

One of “The Lady Killer’s” amateur fights was an unsanctioned bout, her amateur debut against Brandy McCorey on the 18th of August, 2008. Bell won the fight via TKO midway through the first round.

Now signed with Invicta Fighting Championships, Bell is scheduled to face Tamikka Brents (1-0) in which will be Amanda’s professional debut. The bout is part of Invicta FC 4’s preliminary card that will take place at the Memorial Hall in Kansas City, Kansas on the 4th of January, 2013.

My thoughts: Having four first round rinishes to her name, Bell is no doubt powerful and very dangerous. She predominantly likes to strike but also is dangerous on the ground not only with ground and pound but with submissions, as seen in her victory against Anna Folkesson. This is one fight on the Invicta FC 4 card not to be missed! Don’t blink!


Could you talk about your background and how you got into MMA?

Martial arts has always been a love for me and a part of my life. I come from an extensive background, having studied in the arts of Shotokan Karate, Aikido, Judo, Hung Gar and Thai Chi Chuan. I use to think cage fighting was stupid. But when a promoter gave me the chance to help set the cage up at a local event, and get into the fights for free, that was how I became fully introduced. Upon watching the event I was hooked. From there I began training and took a fight pretty quickly. I started my amateur career at 19 years old with my first victory in a heavy weight class of 195lbs, but soon began working to get lower. I accomplished 185lbs in my next fight, after which I changed gyms and found myself going on to 167lbs, then to155lbs and now I sit as a 145lb fighter– in the future my goal is to get to the bantamweights at 135lbs.

You are expected to face Tamikka Brents at Invicta FC 4, what are your thoughts on her and how do you envision the fight going?

My first pro fight in InvictaFC 4 against Tamikka Brents is going to be a war! The fight could go either way because she and I are both powerful individuals with a love and will to fight till the very end.

Could you talk about your training leading upto a fight?

My training happens twice a day, 6 days a week, about 3-4 hours a day. I currently train at Fabians MMA here in White City, OR and I train in Boxing, Kick boxing/ Muay Thai, Wrestling, Catch Wrestling, and currently hold a blue belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, which I earned through Southern Oregon Lotus Club Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. I also get my strength and conditioning and speed training from my personal trainer Charlie LeParis at LeParis Sports and Fitness in Medford, OR.

Could you walk us through a fight day?

I’m very calm inside my heart and mind when it’s the day of the fight. At weigh-ins, for example, I tend to keep my nose in a book if able. I try not to speak too much for several reasons. One reason simply being that I have a tendency to turn into an asshole even when it’s a week or 2 out. As I wait to go into the cage I pretty much keep to myself and spend time alone, only approaching my coach to keep loose and warmed up. What goes through my mind is simply “this is business, this is war, this is my battle to win and mine alone.” I wouldn’t say I have superstitions. I have spiritual rituals that I follow and personal places I go to inside myself that are mine and mine alone. I choose not to share those with anyone.

What keeps you motivated and what are your future goals?

My future goal is to rule over this 145lb weight class and take everything I work for to the top and be the most dangerous women you could face in MMA. Motivation comes from the idea that somewhere someone is training harder than me, longer then me and is ready to face me and destroy me; and that is something I will never allow to happen without a bloody war first.

Outside of MMA how do you like to spend your time?

I spend my time with loved ones and friend who are close to me. I enjoy my quiet time alone as well watching a movie, reading a book, or even finding a good trail for mountain to hike for recreation. I find peace and time to clear my energy or my thoughts in the silence around me as I’m out doors. I only bring people around when I feel I could use the company.

What are your thoughts on the rise of WMMA, Invicta FC and the UFC adding women to their roster?

I love InvictaFC. It’s a building ground and a home we’ve needed for a long time. As far as everything else, that’s an opinion I keep to myself. I stay away from the hype and the exhaustion of the media for reasons that are my own.

Which of your amateur bouts was your greatest win and which was your toughest bout?

Well first, my record was actually 6-1 because my very first fight was an unsanctioned fight on a reservation in Klamath, CA that was not reported by the promoter unfortunately. I was 195lbs in that fight. My greatest win I feel was in Salem, OR at the United Combat Sports back in 2010. I dominated my opponent for over 2 minutes in the first round and finished her with an arm bar. That fight was my first 155lb fight as well as the first time I had taken a fight to the ground and attempted a submission, which won me the fight. I walked away from that fight feeling very proud of myself as well as feeling like I had introduced myself to a new part of my ability. My toughest bout falls into one. November 19th 2011 in Florence, KY when I won the Absolute Action MMA 145lb women’s title after fighting and removing it from Jessamyn “The Gun” Duke. She was a tough opponent and she and I battled hard in that fight. She was a great athlete and we both wanted to be the champion as much as the other person did.

Thank you for your time! Would you like to add anything else?

I’d like to say thank you to my fight manager Jason Ellis and his team from Relentless Sports Management and Marketing for all the hard work they have done to get me sponsors and my contract with InvictaFC. Also to Tough Prints, Polanti Watches, Lexani Wheels, Max Muscle Sports Nutrition, and Klench Mouth Guards who all are chipping in and sponsoring me for my big debut. Also a big shout out to all the guys from MMAMadhouse who have stood by me and helped me find the help I needed right when I needed it the most! And to all my coaches; Jose Montufar of Fabians MMA, “Pistol” Pete Loncarevich of Lotus Club BJJ, and Charlie LePari of LePari’s Sports and Fitness. They all have been there for me and taken the time to see me get better and build myself as an athlete and a fighter. And to my grandfather Jim Bell and my cousin Mallory Mrozinski who both are no longer part of this physical world and won’t be here to see my big debut. I love and miss you both.

Thank you for taking the time to offer me this interview.

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